Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Using Excel to Process Trace File

Currently I am not working in Network Simulation Area. The reason why this blog are not updated. I am focusing in other area for know. Busy with management work.

Management and research are different. In management, we need to manage people at the same time to manage a lot of document. Managing a lot of document requires a lot of work. Now I am into using excel as automation tools ro save more time so that i can go back to may passion - doing research.

Excel are powerful.. Especially because it comes with programming capability called VBA. Just wondering, we can use excell to process the trace file. Trace file contains data, and excel can be used to process data. Try it out! :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to detect DDoS attack in NS2

NS2 can be used to simulate a DDos attack. This is how you can detect DDos attack in NS2.


1. Create a topology. Depending on how many source input you want.

2. For the source node, set the bandwidth of normal traffic(the regular traffic) to constant.

3. To create the attack, generate many packets of CBR UDP randomly.


1. create a topology make sure there are normal source and also source node for the attacker.

2. For normal source create normal traffic.

3. For attacker source create the randomly generated DDOS attack.

(the number of normal source node, and attacker node depend on your requirement)

By doing this, you will have a normal traffic and random generated traffic (the attack).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Questions about Network Simulation.. and Trace File

This is a comment from my old blog, which I seldom update now.. its a good question..  I dont answer the question though...   :( 

1.How to find out the number of nodes in the network from the trace file? Also can u give any examples that would help please??

2.How to discover the “visible network topology” from the trace file? Give examples pleeeeeeeease.

3.Which parameters of the event descriptor in the trace file can be used for calculation of the throughput on the link? examples would really help

4. Which parameters of the event descriptor in the trace file can be used for calculation of the throughput on the end-to-end route? any examples??.

5.What typical functions are needed in order to extract useful data from trace files (think in terms of getting values from some text columns, sorting of strings, etc.)? Can u please make a pseudo-code for the postprocessing algorithm. Aslo do u know Which standard Unix utilities may help to extract necessary data from the trace files and process them? Give examples of sequences pleaseeeeeeeee (i.e. which to run first, which is next, etc.).

Good questions..  but what are the answers..... 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dual Boot Ubuntu Crash - My Experience

I use Ubuntu together with windows. However last 2 weeks, I have problem where my ubuntu crash. This is the chronology of what happened to my ubuntu installation until it has been successfully reinstalled yesterday. 

First of all. I am installed ubuntu using Wubi installer. The first installation is through Wubi, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium and ASUS laptop. Everything goes very good at first, installed NS2, TCL, TK easily. 

First phase of the try and error. 
  1. Updated my ubuntu, and somehow the ubuntu crash maybe power off during the update or maybe because of the compability problem with my hardware. 
  2. Tried to reinstall ubuntu via wubi. Wubi will detect whether the ubuntu already installed, and will try to remove current installation. 
  3. At first 2,3 try, wubi are able to remove ubuntu but unable to finish ubuntu installation where the installation hang at update-grub.
  4. Frustrating with wubi, I used USB drive to reinstall ubuntu. However the process hang at early stage of installation. 
  5. Tried to reinstall ubuntu again using Wubi. However wubi unable to remove current ubuntu installation due to missing file. I suspect it is because Kaspersky antivirus deleted the file. 
I was stuck at this installation. At this time, there are no choice but to format the partition. When I checked my partition in Windows Computer Manager. It seems that there are 3 unknown partition which represent ubuntu partition. The partition are messed up already, maybe due to the repeated re-installation tryout. So it left me with two options: (1) to format the partition and reinstall ubuntu at the partition. (2) start over with windows recovery followed by ubuntu installation. The second option is my choice. Why? because I feel everything is messed up = ( . 

2nd Phase of Try and Error.

This is the sequence for my solution.
  1. Backup Data 
  2. Recover window - During boot, in grub screen - choose another windows loader (Yes you have two windows loader - one for windows 7 the other one for recovery, in my case it is Windows ME (Loader) ] . Or you can use recovery CD. 
  3. Once the windows is reinstalled, I  had a problem to enter windows, due to GRUB problem. Grub is the bootloader, however grub was working due to windows re-installation. 
  4. Its okay! Reinstall ubuntu using USB. It  automatically reinstall GRUB. Now I have my windows and Ubuntu back. 
This is my solution, with help of few friends! Thanks to them. However the solution maybe not very good for you. You can try to just format the partition for ubuntu installation, it will affect grub. Some of my friends recommends to use other bootloader to replace grub. I personally never try it out yet.  

IMHO, having ubuntu in windows is not a good option. Ubuntu and windows is better to be in separate partition. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 from RANS

Its already 5 Jan 2010. 

I would like to wish you a happy new year 2011. I hope its not too late. I'm too consumed with solving the Ubuntu Installation. I wish that, all your work especially the one related to network simulations will be a successful one. 

BTW, this Rambling About Network Simulators Blog now have it short form (RaNS) 

Happy new year and all the best! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ubuntu Installation hang at Update-Grub

This is a bad news for me. I dont actually know what happened.

My ubuntu is not functioning well after an update. What happened? I suspect because of the newest update does not support my ASUS laptop hardware.

So I reinstall my ubuntu. Unfortunately, this time the installation hang at update-grub. Still searching for the solution. I'll update here when the installation are successful.

Installing NS2 and NAM, Lyx, and other application are quite easy with ubuntu.So i guess I need to find the solution asap.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Run NS2 Example in Ubuntu 10.10 easier

One of the problem in installing NS-2 in ubuntu is that it will be installed in other folder automatically.


There are two problem occured with this kind of installation.

  1. The path are too long. In my case the path for the ns2 examples are located at : usr/share/doc/ns2/examples/. It means that we need to do more clicking to reach that folder. Or if we are going to run through console, we need to cd to longer sentence.
  2. The simulation script cannot be executed due to read/write and access properties of the installed folder. You need to logged in in administrator mode to access the file. 

Luckily the solution is quite simple. Killing two birds with one stone. What I did is really simple, I copied the examples folder and paste it at the Desktop. It solved both problem! :)